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Participar em coisas on line às vezes dá bons resultados. Participei numa campanha contra estes químicos (nomeadamente pesticidas e herbicidas, entre muitos outros) e apesar de não haver um resultado na sua proibição, para já, pelo menos vou recebendo informação actualizada. Como esta:
Stop Hormone Disrupting Chemicals     EDC Free Europe
Dear campaign supporter!
The EDC-Free coalition would like to say a big thank you to you for being 1 out of 20,440 individuals who told the European Commission to remove all hormone disrupting chemicals from our lives to protect our health, the health of our families and communities – This is fantastic news and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!
The European Commission has announced the final number of submissions to the consultation here
From the total 27,087 responses, over 25,000 were submitted via external websites which provided pre-writtenincluding our 'Say NO to hormone disrupting chemicals' platform
As you signed up to receive campaign news from the EDC-Free coalition, we will keep you up- to-date on what the European Union and Member State governments are doing over the next months on hormone disrupting chemicals. We will continue to work towards an EDC-Free future for all EU citizens and consumers.
In the meantime, we are sharing with you information on how to reach national campaign partners and supporters, and sign up to their newsletters, Facebook pages, twitter feeds and relevant campaigns.

To see the list of EDC-Free campaign supporters in your country click here

Thanks again for your support and we’ll be in touch again soon!
Kind regards,
EDC-Free Secretariat

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